Magnificent Stuff announce sponsorship of Harlow Town Football Club

Magnificent Stuff announce sponsorship of Harlow Town Football Club

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Magnificent Stuff announce sponsorship of Harlow Town Football Club. Magnificent Stuff are delighted to announce a sponsorship deal with Harlow Town Football Club. The deal includes, amongst other assets, sponsorship of perimeter boards at the McCulloch’s Arena and sponsorship of the Under 8’s team training kit.

Magnificent Stuff marketing football club PR

Magnificent Stuff are always keen to get involved with and help the local community, having worked alongside numerous local charitable causes including Mikes Den, Cazfest, TEDx Chelmsford  and the Victoria Hall Theatre  amongst others.

The Magnificent Stuff team also produce and publish the B2B magazine ‘Harlow Stories’ in Association with Harlow Chamber of Commerce.

Already the relationship has proved fruitful for both parties with new introductions and in turn collaborations. Director of Magnificent Stuff, Emma Knewstub says,

We chose sponsorship with Harlow Town as we have been so impressed with what they are trying to achieve in the wider community. They are establishing something very unique both on and off the pitch. Their support of the wider business and local communities coupled with the benefits they offer young people locally, makes them an ideal partner for us. Harlow Town FC are extremely ambitious and we’re really looking forward to supporting the whole team during the seasons ahead.

Harlow Town Football Club Director, Paul Wilson comments

“We are delighted that Magnificent Stuff have joined us as a club sponsor, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship over the coming years.”

Click for more information about the Harlow Arena and Harlow Town Football Club.



Secret Quote – New discount and promotions membership launched for Essex/Herts with national rollout imminent.

Secret Quote

Secret Quote are a new discount and promotions membership launched for Essex/Herts with national rollout imminent.

Secret Quote and Magnificent Stuff


Entrepreneurs Lee Jacobson (formerly Talent Talks, DogTrac) and Harry Eden (That Amazing Place) have launched ‘Secret Quote’ – a digital marketplace offering discounts, deals and promotions for products, experience and service businesses.

Marketplace categories include Hotels, Restaurants, Activities, Health and Fitness and Hair and Beauty. To date over 200 local venues and businesses have joined Secret Quote, each offering promotions which they can manage themselves, twenty-four hours a day.

Mr Jacobson says, “We wanted to create a platform that benefits both customers and businesses alike. Having on-line adverts that can be managed by the business itself is revolutionary – it allows great flexibility in what offers can be promoted and when. It enables business owners to instantly react, ramping up offers at quiet times and turning them down during busier periods. For the customer, it’s so easy, membership is free and deals are downloaded with a single click.”

The overriding benefit for businesses using Secret Quote to promote their offer is the enormous social media following they boast. Mr Jacobson says, “We employed local marketing experts Magnificent Stuff, who helped generate a really engaged Facebook audience of 34,000 within only 12 weeks, as well as 5k on Instagram and more on Twitter. Our Facebookers are not only incredibly vocal – enabling us to keep promotions and offers timely and relevant – but are also really engaged and are keen to share our posts.”

The next phase of development includes a ‘buy-now’ button and ‘third-party’ payments, allowing the website to act as an on-line store.

If you would like to promote your business, service or experience via the Secret Quote marketplace please contact 01223 928910


Visit Secret Quote or LIKE their Facebook page to be kept up to date with our latest offers and deals.


Business Awards Finalists!


Magnificent Stuff delighted to announce that they have been selected as Business Awards Finalists! in the HDCC Business Awards – Innovation category for Stories Magazine.



Really excited to share our most recent news – we’ve been shortlisted for the Business Innovation award in the Harlow Business Awards, and we’re proud “Business Awards Finalists!”.

Looking forward to attending the dinner and award ceremony in early October.

More info can be found here: business-awards


Fellow Finalists of the awards include:

Small BusinessGreenway Business Centre

Detail Group


Insignia Group


Website / Social MediaOakmont Construction

The English Cream Tea Company

MW Studio

Sir Charles Kao UTC


InnovationLongmores Solicitors


Magnificent Stuff

What Can I Get You


Young PersonHarlow College


Test Incorporated


New BusinessPrice Bailey

Secret Quote

What Can I Get You


Medium/Large BusinessSir Charles Kao UTC

Attwater, Jameson Hill


The SES Group


Customer Care & ServiceBidfood

CM Connections

MGM Clinics

Open IT



Employer of the YearStansted Airport

Attwater, Jameson Hill

Land Sheriffs

The SES Group


We presented the magazine to a panel of 11 judges in September and now await the results which will be announced during the awards dinner on October 5th at The Manor of Groves hotel in Herts.

“Completely out of my comfort zone presenting the magazine to so many people in such a quick session I’m not feeling massively optimistic about a win, especially up against such strong competition. We’re delighted to have been selected as a finalist and to have our innovative business model for the title recognised by the team on the Business Awards.” Emma Knewstub, Magnificent Stuff


emma knewstub



This is an overview of the day in the life of me, Emma Knewstub. Not every day is this positive, upbeat and productive. In fact only a few of them are… but I won’t document the crappier days or the days when I’m firefighting all day and don’t feel as though I get anything done! Like all working mums, employed or self-employed life is a constant juggling act. You tussle with each day as it comes always trying to do your best, and often, as a result of the working mothers guilt, more than is expected. So here it is, a day in the life of me…


04:00: – Wake up ready to kick start the day. After drinking a v large glass of water I get started on reviewing and responding to the 6 mail accounts I own. As well as overseeing major web Dev with a team in Australia (its handy being up this early), I have three news stories breaking today for various clients and a deadline for a new business tender. Plus the school milk order slip needs to be in and there’s another bloody dress-up day at school for our boys tomorrow so I have to sort outfits. Manage to just squeeze in the draft for a difficult email I need to send later which is declining a commercial offer from a client. Awkward but writing at this time of the day just seems to come a lot easier for me! I’m not on one of my consultancy days today meaning I have a little more ‘me’ time but it also means I’m juggling an awful lot more!

05:47: My 2 year old invariably joins me and starts his day by presenting my cheek with a toy or book. Today it’s grandpa pig! Now the first of 3 boys is awake I switch into mummy mode and after loads of cuddles we crack on with the daily routine of breakfasts, animal feeding, dishwasher, lunches, washing and last minute homework panic!!!

07:30: As I handover the kids to my dear Mum I plug in my headphones and set out for a run. Current favourite playlist is Run and Bass on Spotify. I track my run on Strava, as it seems to be the most accurate and lots of my proper running friends use it so it makes me feel a bit more like I know what I’m doing!

07:45: Phone pings with urgent email from Australia. Strava and tunes paused I stop in my tracks along a busy commuter road to respond. White van drives past and I hear ‘keep moving you lazy cow!’. Unable to react quickly enough I carry on with the email before restarting my apps and running a bit faster (no one wants to be a lazy cow now do they!)

08:30: Home. Disappointed once again with my time and speed. I ask Alexa to play me some happy music whilst I shower and get ready, Alexa doesn’t seem to get me today and starts the playlist with Mardy Bum.

8:45: Phone rings. It’s the school letting me know one of the boys has banged their head but is fine and I’d not sent enough milk money in! GRRRR.

8:47: Resume shower and getting ready

9:20: Walk into the office after a frustrating commute with nothing on the radio and the irritation of just how many poor drivers there are on the road! Get set up whilst talking to our newest client by phone on why credibility is so integral to online reputation and some quick fixes to improve her online profile.

9:30: A quick breakfast of the last of my cold coffee and granola whilst popping the 7 vitamins I take plus heartburn pill and a further ibuprofen as I think I’ve pulled a muscle over exerting myself this morning. Final sign off confirmed so circulation of the latest issue of Stories needs to commence. Start to post the digital version of Stories via the various Intranets, social channels, media mailing lists, a platform we’re testing – Journolink, and our relevant trade press and contacts lists

10:00: Sit down to re-review and respond to the email inboxes and also the 19 social media accts I’m accountable for (this doesn’t include our day-to-day client activity – I’m not the social media guy at Mag Stuff!)

10:30: We’re currently neck deep in a really exciting pitch and I’m desperately trying to get a thought I’ve had bouncing around in my head down on paper. The phone pings with a message, it’s my mum asking where the nappies are. We’ve run out – I had forgotten to get them! Phone and apologise. Get on with pitch document listening to playlist for ‘Concentrating’ on spotify.


11:00: Ed my lovely coach/advisor accountability type person from the Entrepreneurs Network calls for our weekly catch up. We run through stuff I’d set myself to do last week and stuff I need to do next week. We have some friendly banter and organise next weeks call. So used to multitasking I always try and squeeze in the odd email or task when on the phone to Ed but invariably I get caught out as he just seems to know and throws in a difficult question mid-sentence to catch me out!

11:45: Meeting to talk through pitch with the rest of the team. Got the designer and fulfilment experts into the room to brainstorm ideas.

12:30: Call from prospective client to say we’ve been appointed to rebrand and re-establish their online subscription business. The beauty of being a small, independent and therefore nimble hub is the ability to get the right people in a room quickly. I always see these ‘kick offs’ as a bit like a team talk before a match. We have all the right specialists on hand and talk through ideas, tactics and strategy on how we should and how we can make it happen together.

15:30: Scheduled call with Chamber of Commerce to discuss content and theme for the next issue of B2B Stories magazine.

15:45: Plan for handing over tomorrow’s back-to-back client status reviews by writing brief update/notes next to each client I look after.

16:30: Home just in time for the ‘witching hour!’ Thank mum, blitz house, prep dinner, feed animals, dishwasher, washing and homework panic all over again!

17:17: Call from client. Phone service is so awful and 2 year old is having a “hangry” meltdown rage so I escape to the garden (whilst he bangs on the door after me!!!) client has had a great result from his news story and wants to adapt social media messaging tomorrow to reflect this. Celebrate with a large gin!

18:00: Call from my partner to say he’s finished up and submitted the tender and is now off to a networking event.

20:00: All 3 boys in bed (for now), house is in some state of order and costumes are sorted for tomorrow. Phone rings as arranged – web developer to talk through final amends on a site for a well renowned surgeon to the stars.

20:12: And so to bed. Quick flick through my Facebook newsfeed and then LinkedIn notifications, and asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow, ready to start again tomorrow!

To find out more about me or my business please do get in touch:

Or you could always check out this article in The Guardian, of course:-)