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8 ways to ensure your website works




We all know that a well designed website can improve your company image and help to generate leads and sales. How well is your website designed though? Could yours be costing you money rather than making it?

Here are eight errors to look out for:-

1) Any music or other audio playing immediately or loading without the specific link being clicked or chosen. Guaranteed to annoy and irritate.

2) Any use of pop-up windows whatsoever. Particularly ones that fade into the background and hide behind the current browser.

3) Any ‘front-door’ page or intro that states ‘If you don’t reach website within 5 second click here’. Research shows that 25% of customers will be gone before the 5 seconds is up.

4) Badly designed from-end. Your home page should tell customers what you are about IMMEDIATELY.

5) Any type of of auto-play video, animation, scrolling, flashing text, marquee or other gimmicks. Unless you’re selling the gimmicks, of course.

6) Clashing colours, too many colours or a colour scheme not consistent with your company or brand. We have written a great article on the psychology of colour here.

7) Web pages too large for different browsers, or non-responsive sites. No-one wants to scroll horizontally. Not since 1998, and remember many of your audiences will be viewing your site from a mobile/tablet sized device

8) My pet hate. Navigation buttons which flash, drop excessive shadow, revolve, vibrate or do anything other than help the customer navigate.

Beware of anything on your site that smacks of style over effectiveness. Any navigation icon or element MUST have explicitly user-friendly text and function.

Research has shown that ALL of these design errors have a negative effect on loyalty and stickiness to your site. Why not check your website today?


Website design errors – with thanks to Red Website Design






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