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Pinterest for Business in 2015/16

Pinterest for Business

In the six years since its creation by Cold Brew Labs, Pinterest has expanded to cater to 100 million users worldwide, with roughly thirty percent of all social media users visiting the site. The introduction this year of Rich Pins, containing a greater amount of information and allowing users to purchase items or services direct from their providers, has turned Pinterest into an unparallelled marketing opportunity for businesses,  not only in the realm of online shopping. According to Ahalogy, over half of Pinterest’s daily users say they consult the site in-store to help them make decisions about their purchases. Over eighty percent would rather follow a brand than a celebrity.

Pinterest for Business

The way Pinterest works is by allowing users to upload and “pin” photographs to a personalised “pinboard”, which can in turn be browsed by other people according to their interests. Globally most of these users are women who are more likely to book holidays or designers. That said, the number of men using Pinterest has increased dramatically recently especially in the UK. Men are reportedly twenty percent more likely to purchase items after seeing them on the site. Of course, the visual nature of Pinterest makes it ideal not just for impulse buys, but also for services such as interior design, where a picture can convey far more of a sense of what is on offer than mere text could ever do.

Once you start to view Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social media platform things start to become very interesting indeed. Especially for anyone wanting to push their products to a wider audience and, crucially, for anyone wanting to know how effective this marketing strategy is proving. Like most online marketing platforms, Pinterest is equally valuable as a market research tool as it is a virtual storefront, allowing advertisers to react quickly and dynamically to shifting demographics as well as customer response.

Pinterest for Business

Given its rapid expansion and increasing popularity, which shows no signs of abating any time soon, now is the ideal time for brands to take advantage of this unprecedented marketing opportunity. Pins seen by your followers will be spread to their own followers, essentially meaning that the people to whom you are marketing become your brand’s marketers themselves, This makes it very easy for your content to go viral very quickly. Let’s face it, who hasn’t dreamed of harnessing the power of the public (and a very 21st century form of word of mouth) to build a huge audience?


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