What about non-verbal communication?

What does your body language say about you? According to the experts we give our feelings away easily to anyone who cares to look.  If we don’t like someone, we’ll tend to stand or sit with our feet facing away from him or her. If we like do them we will naturally turn our feet, and therefore our bodies to face them.

A real smile, known as ‘The Duchenne Smile’ in scientific circles, includes the whole face, lips, eyes, cheeks and crinkling of the skin. A forced smile uses only the lips.  Next time someone smiles at you, check to see if it’s the full Duchenne, or just a little smirk!

Surprisingly, liars do look people in the eye, so as to appear more trustworthy, open and honest.  They are more likely to scratch their nose, or touch parts of their face however, if they are telling an untruth.  In some cultures eye contact can be seen as disrespectful, and in Japan it isn’t seen as rude to close one’s eyes during a conversation, it shows that you are blocking out all external interference so that you can concentrate on the person who is speaking to you.

So next time you really want to know what someone thinks of you, watch them carefully, is that smile real? Which way are their feet pointing? And what about your own body language? Are you telling your boss that you hate him, the lady in the post office that you fancy her, or your Accountant that you think he’s an idiot?  Be aware of what your body language says about you! 

The world of communication is expanding at an alarming rate. As businessmen and entrepreneurs we need to understand it and utilize it to it’s full effect.  If we were to offer advise in soundbites it would be to remember the basics: 

  • People buy from People – remember the personal touch goes a very long way in business 
  • Pick up the phone occasionally instead of emailing 
  • Visit your clients regularly and communicate face to face 
  • Use YOUR personality to bring your business to life! 


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