Kimberlee Perry moved to Essex after 10 years in London and the sunny Australian shores of Sydney for the foreseeable future when her fitness business on mini trampolines called ((BOUNCE)) took off astronomically – and it all started in Harlow.  

“The local community have been brilliant when it comes to embracing ((BOUNCE)) and I think that’s because in part, Harlow as a town has a vibe that’s onpar with my business motto, ‘FUN, FRIENDLY, FIERCE’ it’s about being supportive of others, being happy and being determined to achieve. I think residents in Harlow have a lot of gumption, they’re out and about, vocal, interested, its buzzing and I love that about where I live. Australia in comparison is actually super laid back and from the perspective of a business owner, that ‘casual customer’ isn’t really what you need.

((BOUNCE)) is a jump fitness workout to energising music, but as it’s low impact on the joints thanks to the trampoline mat which absorbs 87% of shock, plus its 3 times more effective than floor-based fitness which also means it’s efficient in shredding calories, plus appeals so almost every age and ability – probably the main factors in its rise to success.  

Like any new idea ((BOUNCE)) began from a need, and as a new Mum herself Kim recognised that gym contracts and membership commitments were a factor putting people off exercising, plus parents find it difficult to commit time if they have to leave kids behind, as a result focusing on one self’s health and wellness can get put to the side. So the ((BOUNCE)) business model was created with the focus of financial flexibility for attendees which is why classes are pay-as-you-go and thanks to ((BOUNCE)) operating only in community centres, local halls and primary schools it means the price can stay low and is accessible in local towns all over the UK. Kim’s history of dance and fitness qualifications means that the workout performed is unlike anything you’d find in a traditional gym and the creativity in routines is what really keeps people coming back for more. 

In 2014 Kim began ((BOUNCE)) with just 8 trampolines in a Paringdon Sports Centre, but as it started to grow, she knew it needed to be sold as a franchise model so developed a training course for other instructors to learn how to teach it and follow the company’s ideals. Now sells the brand all over the UK of which there are now 200+ studios spreading from Devon right up to Glasgow, including Northern Ireland and now even globally with New Zealand and Australia featuring studio openings in 2017. 

The company moved to bigger Headquarters in Harlow this year offering more room for attendees near Staple Tye and featuring beauty rooms plus a warehouse and manufacture their own trampolines and clothing. Brand ((BOUNCE)) is going form strength to strength. 

When asked about the company’s success Kim said I think my franchise model is so popular because it’s aimed to suit people who want to work around other commitments, whether that’s family life, another job, or even to teach ((B)) as a hobby, they can because you can run a ((BOUNCE)) franchise almost how you like: our instructors choose their own studio location to operate from, plus the times they’d like to  teach and either a lot or a limited amount of hours per week. This is the key to working with wonderful people I feel, because if you consider your colleagues wants and needs and provide them with an environment they love that pays well, it ensures they’re valued and that transcends into doing a brilliant work and overall customer’s satisfaction 

Probably the main reason ((BOUNCE)) won Franchisee of the Year at the Best Business Women Awards 2017 and have 30,000 attendees each month doing classes – a mammoth rise from 8 trampolines in the last 4 years and an exciting, local company to continue to watch grow. 

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