Esther – originally from Northern Ireland – is the founder of Mauds Ice Cream, Harlow. “I grew up eating Mauds ice-cream, it was such a treat going out for a run in the car and stopping off and getting Poor Bear ice-cream. To this day it is still my favourite.”

Esther met her husband in Afghanistan in 2007 while serving in 152 Ulster Transport Regiment and later moved to Harlow. But whenever she returned to Ireland she would visit Mauds everyday for a ‘fix’ of Ice Cream. “However every year when I came back to England I would look to see if there was a local distributor and every year I was disappointed. I needed to bring the great flavours over to share.”

Mauds was founded by in 1980 by John Wilson – the Pioneer for Honeycomb ice cream – and Poor Bear Delight was born. The first Mauds Ice-cream was born in Northern Ireland in 1982. It was called Mauds after John’s mother. He gave it this name as a Mother’s day present.

Since then Mauds Ice-cream has become Northern Ireland’s busiest ice-cream parlour and has won over 17 Great Taste Awards as well as 5 Irish Food Awards.

Esther is the only distributor of Mauds Ice cream in the UK. She attends events in Essex and Hertfordshire. If you have a school fair, wedding, corporate event or a festival and you would like a novel (and fabulous) ice cream seller  please get in touch. They proudly boast a 5 star food rating. 

“I am very passionate about our ice-creams. There just isn’t any taste like it and I’m sure you will agree if you taste it too.” 

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T – 01279 957500