I first came across the term ‘Digital Darwinism’ a year or so ago when researching new technologies that Magnificent Stuff can take advantage of. I was shocked to see just how many new digital systems and developments there were in our industry alone!  

 Tom Goodwin, the Head of Innovation for Zenith Media, coined the term to describe how the digital movement is changing businesses for good. As a marketing agency, we have always had to keep on top of these new developments for the benefit of our clients.  

 We try to attend as many workshops and seminars as we can to keep us in ‘up to speed’ but the truth is, it is a challenge for all (with extremely busy agendas) to learn and adapt to the changes in line with the developments the digital world keeps throwing at us.  


 We are only human. We like routine. We thrive on having an organised timeline. It is extremely important for us as a business to plan ahead, like all businesses. However, how can we plan months in advance when systems and regulations are evolving all the time? Dare I say, for example, GDPR! 

 Nevertheless, in order to keep one step ahead of our competitors we have had to view these changes as opportunities and embrace them in a positive way rather than completely freaking out.  

 I have compiled my 3 top tips for other businesses who find themselves struggling to adapt to Digital Darwinism. They are working for us as a business and we are very pleased with where we are heading.

 1. One tech at a time 

 In our sector, we have to consider possible changes affecting social media, email marketing, website development, app expansion and so much more! I have found that by focussing on just one platform at a time, the developments are a lot less daunting. So, my advice is to make a plan to ensure you tackle each task efficiently and prioritise those critical to the success of your business.  

 2. Encourage education 

My colleagues and I are always sending each other invitations to training days, seminars and workshops in order to better ourselves and our skills set. Additional support and training is key in any industry. Make sure you and your employees have access to the tools needed to improve skills; both tech-wise and for practicality! If budgets are limited there are thousands of free courses, videos and tutorials available online – always worth a look!  

 3. Build momentum 

In order for us to stay motivated, we have got ourselves into the habit of implementing regular updates together. We often work remotely and so having these meetings by phone or online ensure everybody is on the right track and at the same level in terms of meeting client needs. This also highlights areas which need more attention from us as a business and stops progress from reaching a grinding halt. It also enables us to share skills and learn from within the business. Technology is developing all the time therefore we should be too.  

Written by Boo Hartgen of Magnificent Stuff