Chiropractor Dr Miguel Gutierrez Martinez and his team have seen an incredible transformation over the past year, since opening a new clinic at the Greenway Business Centre in Summer 2017. 

 Miguel was already a familiar face on the Harlow health scene. A favourite of body builders and local athletes, (as well as musicians and dancers as part of his work with the casts of various West End shows,) he was working from a small room in a local gym.  “My Ripped Gym family were a really important part of my journey. I outgrew the space, but I wanted to bring that sense of community to my own business.” 

 The transition into the new space has been a labour of love, with a team of 8 now working 7 days a week. Many of the team started as patients, and two have embarked upon their own Chiropractic degrees, while still working at the clinic! It seems the ‘Pied Piper’ has inspired more than just his patients, who come with pain, often long term and chronic and leave with a new lease of life. 

 “We make people better, and we support many of our clients long term who want to take preventative steps to good health. Our clients are an amazing, motivated positive force and when they see what Chiropractic combined with the other disciplines can do they embrace change.”  Since moving to the UK in 2006, Miguel carved out a solid reputation but always had ambitions to grow into a standalone multi-disciplinary business, leaving behind a successful career as part of the Europe wide Halsa group. 

 “I never stand still! You have to keep changing, growing, adapting. As a team, we learn something new every single day.  I surround myself with people who can teach me things, and are as ambitious as I am to be part of something that can change the health of Harlow for the better.” 

 The new clinic has exceeded all expectations, growing at a rate far exceeding expectations and challenging the (well-established) competition. ”I always had ambitions to grow my clinic and we have worked incredibly hard this past year- it has certainly challenged our resources, systems and sleep! Luckily I am Spanish and good at grabbing afternoon naps!” 

 It is a testament not just to the clinical expertise of Miguel and his team-, but the passionate support they receive from their clients. “ That’s probably been the nicest part of our growth, being able to help so many more people to active pain free lives, and getting amazing feedback! We have the best clients in the world, they are so generous in their praise.”  

 Miguel’s long-term business goals are all about change. “I want to change the health system as it is. Dentists and opticians don’t fight for patients because they have set boundaries around what they do. However, many Chiropractors are trying to do soft tissue work and Physiotherapists are trying to do Spinal manipulation, instead of concentrating on what they do best. “ 

 He says also that the problem is that they don’t like to work with other people, and Miguel wants to change that. “ I want people all with the same focus -that the all-important thing is to make a person better. If we can get people working together, everyone will get better results. “ 

 The MGM Team had an outing recently to see their client Robin Parsons in his Michael Jackson persona, at the Harlow Playhouse. Has anyone said it better than Jackson, wonders Miguel, about the impact of change…  

It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference.” Lucky Harlow!