Working in partnership with Visionpath, Price Bailey Chartered Accountants set up a new corporate social responsibility programme, PB Inspires, with the aim of inspiring, supporting and encouraging employees of the future. 

 Research studies have found that as little as four employer interactions with schools can have a substantial impact on a student’s engagement with education and future prospects. As a result, students are equipped with a better idea of what they want from their future, greater career prospects and earning potential.  

 Since 2016, Price Bailey have partnered with a number of local schools, including St. Marks West Essex Catholic School in Harlow, providing knowledge, coaching and advice to a broad range of individuals. Many of the Price Bailey’s apprentices and graduates play a vital role in running these sessions as they are able to easily relate their recent experiences of applying and moving from school to apprenticeships, university and the work place. 

PB Inspires primarily works with students in the age range of 14-18 years, in secondary schools and sixth-forms. Some 400 students have partaken in the events with 85% feeling like they have learned new skills for the future and 150 hours of workplace experience gained. Events to date have included:  

  • upSKILL Enterprise days  
  • careers carousels 
  • career coaching sessions  
  • CV and covering letter workshops  
  • mock interviews 

When asked about PB Inspires Paul Bartlett, a Director based in the firms Bishop’s Stortford Office, said “Not only is the PB Inspires programme a passion for many of our employees but there is a strong belief that we are able to convey knowledge and experiences that we wished we had access to when we were in school.” 

 There has been lots of positive feedback from the students who have taken part in the sessions. One participant said “I learnt the importance of listening as a leadership skill, rather than just directing a group” with another saying “as well as learning about how the business world works in relation to income and costs, we also improved our soft skills such as teamwork and communication”.  

 The programme offers dual benefits as there has been very positive feedback from the Price Bailey staff that have taken part. Wesley Pearson, who joined the firm as a graduate trainee in 2017, said “it gives the students the opportunity to speak to people independent from their parents and teachers and it was good to see the students learning as they went along. It’s a great feeling being able to give something back to the wider community”, 

 Price Bailey received national recognition for the PB Inspires initiative when it won the ‘Outstanding Community Engagement and Contribution’ award at the British Accountancy Awards in 2017, but the firm is not resting on its laurels as the 2018/19 PB Inspires programme has just been finalised so that they can continue adding value to the work force of the future! 

To find out more about Price Bailey or PB Inspires please contact Sharon Whelan –