The importance and value of customer success stories…

What is the importance and value of customer success stories?

How often do you buy something based on reading a review or two first? And do you sort items to purchase on a website by their rating or popularity? It’s very likely you do. And, in reality, your customers are no different. The truth is that over 90% of consumers check out testimonials, reviews, ratings or case studies before buying – whether a product or a service other peoples opinions matter. Sharing what happy customers have to say about you is an incredibly simple but powerful marketing tool. The importance and value of customer success stories cannot be undervalued.

Building trust in your brand
You can talk about your own products or services until the cows come home, but your subjective take isn’t half as powerful as a real, honest consumer experience. If previous customers trust you, you’re seen as a much safer bet by prospective customers. They will also talk about you. They will recommend you and they will ensure they promote you – if they really trust you.

The more, the better
The more user-generated content you share, the more fresh product-specific information there is to boost your search rankings – and give customers valuable insights that encourage conversion. Add just one review to your page and you could see a 10% lift in sales. Add 100 and you’re looking at a 37% hike.

Recent statistics reveal that testimonial content results in:

  • +58% conversion rate
  • +62% in revenue per visit
  • +3% on the average order value

We help make people famous in their sector.

Whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, our Magnificent marketing mavens are on hand to help you make the most of your success stories. We make sure they are collated, written, promoted and utilised properly to maximise their value.
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