What is a Fame Strategist?

What is a Fame Strategist?

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  

Andy Warhol


He might have said it back in 1968, but the pop art icon pretty much hit the nail on the head about the potential for any of us to reach global fame. Now we’ve got the internet and social media, it’s so easy to become well-known, right?

Well, yes and no. While there are more ways to boost awareness of your business (or in fact yourself) these days, there is also a hell of a lot more competition. And more risk. One marketing misstep and you could easily find yourself going viral for all the wrong reasons. This is why a growing number of people and businesses are increasingly turning to Fame Strategists for clear direction.

Finding fame (and avoiding infamy) in your sector doesn’t just happen. It takes expert planning and a cohesive marketing strategy that hits all the sweet spots. Spots from branding and content through to SEO and ad campaigns.

A good Fame Strategist has the know-how and connections for far more than just 15 minutes of fame.

As an experienced Fame Strategist I’ve spent years working with well-known companies (and people) to elevate their profiles beyond those of their competitors. For me, it’s not just about helping my clients grab attention in the first place, it’s about building longevity and creating sustainable fame.

We help make people (and brands) famous in their sector.

If you want to craft a fame strategy that’s more David Bowie than Milli Vanilli, talk to me, Emma Knewstub, on 07834 760627 or email info@magnificentstuff.net

Laura Allan