"Our vision at The Transition is to change the way that people work and socialise. We offer a trendy workspace which mainly targets freelance workers so we knew that getting our social media platforms up and running effectively was vital to our business. We contacted Magnificent Stuff who have been absolutely amazing at 'spreading the word' via social channels such as Facebook & Twitter. We also utilise Magnificent Stuff's marketing consultancy service which never fails to disappoint. They have put a marketing plan in place which is constantly being updated with objectives for us at The Transition. We would recommend Magnificent Stuff to all who are looking to stand out from the crowd and become leaders in their field."

The Transition, Andy Pinkney – Owner & Director

The Transition

The Transition is open to all and ready to change the way that you work and socialise. Too often, a space is designated to have one function only. The Transition are the embodiment of change from the traditional model, where a bespoke co-working space has been created. Magnificent Stuff have been appointed for social media management and marketing consultancy.

We helped with...
  • PR
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Intranet & Culture
  • Advertising
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